In My Own Words

“I’ve loved the realness and raw discussions from a variety of strong women, many of which find their strengths in serving alongside strong men and raising children. God’s purposes are perfect. Strong women. Strong men. Both equally valuable. Both intrinsically unique in strengths to bolster the others’ ‘weaknesses.’ Carry on, friends.”
“I continually look forward to hearing all these strong women’s stories. They encourage me and challenge me to be an influence in the corner of the world Christ has placed me in at this time!”
“I am a 14-year-old girl, and these podcasts are so inspiring and motivational to me!!!! Thanks so much. I will listen every day. Just the best!”

What’s Next for Strong Women?

With co-host Erin Kunkle saying her final goodbye this summer, Sarah has stepped into the role of host and manager of Strong Women. She loves sharing her own personal stories as well as those in the Strong Women interviews and is excited for all the Lord is doing through the Strong Women platform.
This fall, the Strong Women Journal launched for all email subscribers. This journal takes a deep dive with Sarah into one Strong Women episode each month and shares exclusive content only for subscribers.
Strong Women also launched an exclusive book club! Now, followers can answer the regular Strong Women question, “What books are you reading?” by joining Sarah and the Strong Women community in actively reading and discussing a book together.